Useful Windows keyboard shortcuts

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Open Task Manager –> ctrl+shift+esc
Quit program –> alt+F4
Right click –> shift+F10
Main window menu(minimize…) –> alt+space
Open menu in a program –> alt
open properties –> alt+enter
create new folder –>ctrl+shift+n
Cursor in address bar –> alt+d
Search –> F3
New tab –> ctrl+t
Use the arrow keys to switch between open items –> alt+tab+arrows(alt pressed)
Go up one level –> alt+up arrow
Move through tabs –> ctrl+tab
move backwards through tabs –> ctrl+shift+tab
System properties –> win+pause
Focus on the taskbar –> win+t
Shutdown menu –> alt+F4
Preview the desktop –> win+space
Maximize window –> win+up arrow
Minimize window –> win+down arrow
Projector –> win+p

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